Weddings on Noetzie Beach

We have had a number of enquiries about weddings on Noetzie beach. This is a copy of our usual response. Noetzie is a public beach and cannot be booked for any private function. However permission needs to be obtained from the Knysna Municipality – 044 302 1605. If you choose to take your vows on the beach please keep the following in mind:

  • No alcohol may be consumed on the beach
  • No amplified music or loud hailers
  • No vehicles on the beach – any vehicle in violation of this regulation may be confiscated and the driver fined.
  • No structures may be erected
  • No parking on the Old Wagon Road – only in the public parking area at the top of the hill.
  • All litter (yes we are including rose petals, etc.) must be removed and placed in refuse bins in the carpark
  • No disturbance to other members of the public or residents
  • No commercial activities
  • No digging or disturbance/removal of sand, rocks, driftwood or any fauna and flora
  • All other National, Provincial and Municipal regulations, not listed above, must also be adhered to at all times.

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3 comments on “Weddings on Noetzie Beach”

  1. Noetzie Reply

    recently, a loud wedding was held on the beach. They set up a huge generator and sound system, and bombarded the public and residents with their cheesy music for a great part of the afternoon. They also caused mayhem at the beach resident parking area, by blocking access and getting stuck on the steep track. The municipality had given them permission, they said, as long as ‘they had a drip tray under their generator’. Well the KM denied that they had permission for the soundsystem or generator and they say they support all the conditions as listed in this blog post, but they are incapable of enforcing their rules. So from now on, we will insist they share the information, and if someone tries this again, (get married in noisy and inconsiderate style on Noetzie beach) I will disconnect the generator myself, and spoil the wedding if I have to. Something no one wants to do. The best beach wedding I saw at Noetzie was so peaceful and beautiful- no chairs and paraphenalia, no disturbance to anyone. a bushbuck stepped out of the bush and walked past the wedding party. It was a special moment and a beautiful wedding. Please do not be a selfish bride and groom. from Marylou

  2. Charlene Reply


    Where best can a reception take place after the ceremony… I would love to get married there but don’t know the area.


    • Noetzie Reply

      I can not advise you to have the reception at Noetzie due to the access issues, the public parking is far away, and your guests probably wont enjoy the long walk back up a steep hill.

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