Noetzie ConservancyNOETZIE is one of those places that people remember… For many, it is because of the “castles” which have intrigued visitors over the years and the first question nearly every visitor asks is: “Who built them?” That, however, is not the best question. Some seem a little disappointed to be told that the castles are no more than holiday houses, and a few mischievous Noetzie residents, playing up to their curiosity, have been known to spin a yarn or two about the castles belonging to pirates, smugglers and even to George Rex.

But what really makes Noetzie so special are not the castles but its natural beauty, much of which is still pristine. The golden beach surrounded by forested hills, the dark waters of the lagoon, the rugged, ochre rocks and the thundering breakers that roll in row upon row.

Aware of Noetzie’s natural riches, residents applied to the authorities to have it declared a conservancy in order to protect and preserve it’s natural bounty. In 1999, symbolically celebrated as the last year of the millennium, Noetzie officially became a conservancy.”

Welcome to the Noetzie conservancy.

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Thanks to Melanie Gosling for this page’s verbage.

Visitors are welcome to Noetzie, but please keep the following rules in mind:

  • Driving on the beach is illegal.
  • Birds which lay eggs on the beach, such as the threatened White Fronted Plover, are affected by human activity and by dogs allowed off their leashes. These lay eggs from November to January and the hatchlings are at their most vulnerable at the peak festive season.
  • Dogs are fantastic pets, but bringing dogs into a conservancy can be devastating for the wildlife, if the dogs are not controlled and not on a leash at all times. No dogs are allowed east of the Noetzie river, as this is part of the Sinclaire Nature Reserve.  Finding dog faeces on the beach may ruin a fantastic experience for the next person that comes to enjoy the beauty of Noetzie.
  • Fishermen are implored to not leave fishing line about as this is hazardous to birds.
  • No powered craft are permitted on the Noetzie River and lagoon.
  • Swimmers have priority at all times.
  • NO fires are permitted anywhere on the beach area.
  • Overnighting on the beach or in the adjacent forest areas is not permissible.
  • Noise pollution must be avoided.  No amplified noise, electrified music or fire crackers are allowed