Noetzie Conservancy

Noetzie is situated between the Indian Ocean, Sinclair Nature reserve, an indigenous forest covered river bank and a steep headland. 

Noetzie’s unique location, together with the fact that it is populated by a small community of long term, environmentally aware property owners, has kept the area in a very natural state. 

The residents of Noetzie elected to form the Noetzie Conservancy, which was registered with Cape Nature in 1999.  A conservancy is defined as an area of “voluntary co-operative environmental management of an area by its community and users” (Cape Nature, 1994). The conservancy spans an area of 10.2 ha

The Noetzie Conservancy Owners’ Association (NCOA) was established to manage the conservancy. 

The objectives of the NCOA include:

  • Promote conservation, as well as responsible and sustainable development in Noetzie and its adjoining areas.
  • Promote the protection of indigenous plants and animals, undisturbed and important biological communities and landscapes of exceptional beauty within or adjacent to the Noetzie Conservancy.

Noetzie falls inside an area identified as a Critical Biodiversity Area (CBA) and is an Ecological Support Area (ESA)

The NCOA leads regular expeditions up the Noetzie River to remove alien species.

The entire Eastern bank of the Noetzie River is a declared SA National Parks Nature Reserve. No access is permitted without a permit. Permits are obtainable from SANParks in Knysna, phone 044 382 2095. No fires, dogs, fire arms, or camping are allowed in the Nature Reserve.    Be aware of the possibility of snares – report if found.

The conservancy would like to thank visitors for remembering that driving on the beach is illegal. 

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