Noetzie- an Illustrated History Book, by Chris Everett

Chris Everett’s book – “Noetzie – An Illustrated History”, was launched in December 2012 and was very well received by the Noetzie community. The history covers a wide range of geological, geographic and environmental aspects, archaeology, the history of Noetzie’s establishment and development, politics and details of all the erven and the families who have owned them. In addition personal recollections and stories as well as a range of artwork by Noetzie’s people are included, together with a wide selection of historic and picturesque photos.

An illustrated History  by Chris Everett

An illustrated History
by Chris Everett

Many people were surprised by the quality and degree of detail and the comment that it considerably exceeded their expectations was made by several. Owners particularly enjoyed the “scoop” of the previously unpublished archaeological digs and the details recorded about the mystery Doctor and his shack up the river. Anita Fabians’ lovely sketches dotted around the book were also greatly appreciated.



The NCOA Committee decided to award the Conservancy Award for 2012 to Chris for his efforts in recording Noetzie’s history and this was done at the AGM.

All available copies were snapped up fast and Knysna Library also has a copy, thanks to the well known Knysna historian Margaret Parkes.

As several people have mentioned they would like to buy the Noetzie book, Chris is investigating the cost of a further limited printing, which is unfortunately likely to be high. If you would like to order one or know someone who might, please inform Iona Everett by e-mail. As soon as the cost is known Iona will respond with confirmation that it is, or is not possible.